Technical Reports on Automatic Control (TRAC)

Technical reports on Automatic Control (TRAC) are publications of the Chair of Automatic Control (Lehrstuhl für Regelungstechnik). They present both theoretical and application related material from the fields of research of the institute. Before publication, each report passes a reviewing process organized and documented by the institute. All reports are available online and at the institute's library for at least 10 years from the date of publication.


Enrico Pellegrini, Klaus J. Diepold, Ronnie Dessort and Heiko Panzer: 3D-Modeling of a Robot Balancing on a Ball. TRAC-6, Number 1, 03 August 2011.

Guido Koch, Enrico Pellegrini, Sebastian Spirk, Nils Pletschen and Boris Lohmann: Actuator Control for a Hybrid Suspension System. TRAC-6, Number 2, 05 December 2011.


Behnam Salimbahrami: A Sequential Reduction Scheme in Reduced Order Modelling of Large Scale Systems. TRAC-5, Number 1, 01 April 2010.

Guido Koch, Enrico Pellegrini, Sebastian Spirk and Boris Lohmann: Design and Modeling of a Quarter-Vehicle Test Rig for Active Suspension Control. TRAC-5, Number 2, 21 July 2010.


Thomas Wolf, Boris Lohmann, Rudy Eid and Paul Kotyczka: Passivity Preserving Order Reduction of Linear Port-Hamiltonian Systems by Moment Matching. TRAC-4, Number 1, 04 August 2009.

Rudy Eid, Heiko Panzer and Boris Lohmann: How to choose a single expansion point in Krylov-based model reduction? TRAC-4, Number 2, 17 November 2009.

Heiko Panzer, Jörg Hubele, Rudy Eid and Boris Lohmann: Generating a Parametric Finite Element Model of a 3D Cantilever Timoshenko Beam Using Matlab. TRAC-4, Number 3, 27 November 2009


Zongru Yang, Boris Lohmann: Driving Using Model Predictive Control. TRAC-3, Number 1, 16 December 2008


Rudy Eid, Behnam Salimbahrami, Boris Lohmann, Evgenii B. Rudnyi and Jan G. Korvink: Parametric Order Reduction of Proportionally Damped Second Order Systems. TRAC-1, Number 1, 20 October 2006.

Amirhossein Yousefi: A Compromise Between Simplicity & Accuracy of Nonlinear Reduced Order Systems. TRAC-1, Number 2, 23 October 2006.

Technical Reports


Salimbahrami, B. and Lohmann, B.:  Folding a First Order System to a Second Order Form. Technical Report, Institute of Automation, University of Bremen, January 2004.


Lohmann, B.: Flatness Based Disturbance Compensation. Scientific Report, Univ. Bremen, Institute of Automation, Nov. 2002.

Lohmann, B.: Zur Gewinnung minimaler Zustandsraummodelle aus Übertragungsmatrizen. Interne Notiz, IAT, Universität Bremen, 09.09.2002.

B. Salimbahrami, B. Lohmann: Krylov Subspace Methods in Linear Model Order Reduction: Introduction and Invariance Properties. Scientific Report, Univ. of Bremen, 2002.

Salimbahrami, B. and Lohmann, B.: Modified Lanczos Algorithm in Model Order Reduction of MIMO Linear Systems. Internal Report, July 2002.

B. Salimbahrami, B. Lohmann, T. Bechtold: Two-Sided Arnoldi in Order Reduction of Large-Scale MIMO Systems. Scientific Report, University of Bremen, Dec. 2002.


Lohmann, B.: Complete and Partial Decoupling by Constant State-Feedback. Institut für Automatisierungstechnik, Universität Bremen, 2000.

Krieg-Brückner, B., Gräser, A. und Lohmann, B.: Autonomiegewinn für behinderte Menschen durch Rehabilitations-Roboter. Impulse aus der Forschung, Nr. 1/2000 (ISSN: 0179-9495), Universität Bremen, S. 6-10.

Wang, Yaonan and Lohmann, Boris: Multisensor Image Fusion: Concept, Method and Applications. Institut für Automatisierungstechnik, Universität Bremen, December 2000.

Shutao Li, Yaonan Wang, Boris Lohmann: Multifocus Image Fusion Using Artificial Neural Networks. Internal report, 2000.

Shutao Li, Yaonan Wang, Boris Lohmann: Texture Classification Using Discrete Multiwavelet Transform. Internal report, 2000.


Lohmann B.: Conventionel versus Petri Net Modeling of a Transport Process in Postal Automation. Forschungsbericht, Universität Bremen, 1998.


Lohmann, B.: Nullstellen und Kompensation im Zustandsraum und ihre Bedeutung für den Entwurf. Institut für Automatisierungstechnik, Universität Bremen, 1997.

Lohmann, B.: Zur Störgrößenaufschaltung im Zustandsraum. Institut für Automatisierungstechnik, Universität Bremen, 1998.


Lohmann, B.: Nullstellen und Kompensation bei Mehrgrößensystemen. Institut für Regelungs- und Steuerungssysteme, Universität Karlsruhe, 1989.

Lohmann, B.: H°°-Theorie: Grundlagen. Institut für Regelungs- und Steuerungssysteme, Universität Karlsruhe, 1989.


Lohmann, B.: Einsatz der Kalman-Filtertechnik in der Bildverarbeitung. Fraunhofer-Institut, IITB, Karlsruhe, 1988.

Lohmann B.: Entwicklung von Bildverarbeitungsverfahren zur Positionsbestimmung eines mobilen Roboters. Fraunhofer-Institut, IITB, Karlsruhe 1988.