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Model Order Reduction Lab (MORLab)!

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In order to meet the requirements of today's applications and system designs, a common result of accurate modeling, e. g. by finite element methods, is a large number (few hundred thousands) of first or second order differential equations. With the current digital computers, it is very difficult or even impossible to handle these large-scale systems, mainly due to the limitations in memory, accuracy or executing time. In order to be able to handle such systems for the purpose of simulation, controller design, optimization and prediction, it is advisable to find a reduced order model that approximates the behavior of the original system while preserving some of its original properties like passivity, stability, and structure.

Our Fields of Research

In the MORLab we deal with the following topics of model order reduction:

In addition we develop software tools for the analysis and reduction of large-scale models:

Introduction to Model Order Reduction

An introduction to the topic of Model Order Reduction can be found in our lecture notes for the course Modeling and Reduction of Complex Systems.