The lectures given by the Chair of Automatic Control, from the 4th semester onward, cover a multitude of different subjects ranging from basics of the frequency domain and state space over the behaviour of signals and systems to non-linear methods of current interest as well as energy-based modeling, model order reduction and automotive applications.

If the name of the lecture is in German, the lecture will be in German.

If the name of the lecture is in English, the lecture will be in English.


Winter term

Systemtheorie in der Mechatronik (Bachelormodul)

Moderne Methoden der Regelungstechnik 2 (Mastermodul)

Advanced Control (Master, insbesondere MSPE)

Systems Theory and Modeling (Bachelormodul, Studiengang Aerospace)


Summer term

Regelungstechnik (Bachelormodul)

Moderne Methoden der Regelungstechnik 1 (Mastermodul)

Energy-Based Modeling of Complex Systems (Mastermodul)

Nonlinear Control (Master, insbesondere MSPE)