TUM Autonomous Motorsport took second place with a lap time of 2:08.66 minutes on the famous F1 race track in Monza, which is 5,79 kilometers long and has 11 turns. They reached a speed of 269,9 kmh. The team PoliMOVE won the race with a blistering time of 2:05.87 minutes and a…

TUM Autonomous Motorsport from Technische Universität München took second place in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) at Las Vegas on 8´th of January 2023. The team PoliMOVE from Politecnico di Milano (Italy), and the University of Alabama (Alabama) won the race reaching max…

Levent Ögretmen, PhD Student an the Chair of Automatic Control, has won on 10´th of October the price "3. Preis Goldene Lehre im Hauptstudium" for holding the exercise course "Modern Control 2". The certificate you are finding here.

Maximilian Herrmann, PhD Student at the Chair of Automatic Control, has won the prize "1. Preis Goldene Lehre im Hauptstudium" on 10´th of October for holding the exercise course "Modern Control 1". The certificate you are finding here.

The TUM Autonomous Motorsport Team, consisting of PhD students and students from the Institute of Automotive Technology and the Chair of Automatic Control, placed second at the Autonomous Challenge@CES, which took place in Las Vegas on 7´th of January 2022. After a predicision…

The Team of the Technische Universität München, consisting of PhD Students from the Chairs of Automotive Technology and Automatic Control, has driven with an average speed of 218 kilometers and won the Indy Autonomous Challenge, a race completely without drivers. Three PhD…


Congratulations to our TUM Autonomous Motorsport team for achieving a solid 2nd Place in the Indy Autonomous Challenge Simulation Race!

In an entertaining race with overtaking maneuvers worth seeing, the TUM team claimed 2nd place and a prize money of $50,000. However, there is still potential for improvement as our competitors PoliMOVE Autonomous Racing Team won by a small margin. The race took place in a simulation environment provided by Ansys. After passing this final virtual test, our team is now concentrating on transferring the software features to the real racing vehicle in Indianapolis.

Thanks to the Indy Autonomous Challenge organizers for setting up such a great and entertaining event. The full coverage can be found on youtube.

Student research projects (bachelor, semester, master thesis) are offered by the team in all areas of autonomous driving. Further information can be found on the official project page. If you have any questions, please contact the corresponding person in the team.


As part of the Youtube in-house productions Youtube Originals, the eight-part documentary "The Age of A.I." has recently started on the channel Youtube Learning. This documentary series, hosted by Robert Downey Jr., is about the revolution in artificial intelligence, its latest developments and challenges.

In the third episode, "Love, Art and stories: decoded",the TUM and its Roborace team are part of this documentary. With the question "How good can artificial intelligence drive a racing car?" the researchers of our institute and other institutes show their software for autonomous driving.

The complete playlist of the documentary series can be found here: YouTube series "The Age of A.I."

The series is free of charge and can be watched without Premium Account.