Welcome to the Chair of Automatic Control!

Feedback control is present wherever desired and actual time behaviour are compared to each other and a correcting control action is taken.

The Chair works on related methods of System Dynamics and Control, with applications in mechatronic systems.

Practical Course in Summer term 2023

We offer in the coming summer term

-          A practical course in one block, „Controller Implementation on Microcontrollers“, before the beginning of the semester (27.3.-6.4. 9-17 o´clock) and

-          A practical course during the semester, „Modern Control“ (8.5.-14.7. ).

The enrollment therefor is on TUM Online from 27´th of February to 12´th of  March. Detailed information about our practical courses you get here.

Our Courses in the summer term 2023

The lecture time in the next summer term is beginning at 17´th of April 2023.  An enrollment therefor ist possible from 31´st of March 2023 on TUM Online. You can inform about our courses in summer term before on our homepage.

The courses will take place in the lecture rooms at the School ED in Garching.

Detailed information about the individual course you find after enrollment on moodle



At the Chair of Automatic Control we have from time to time free positions for scientific employees, often with the possibility to do a doctor´s degree.

When you are interested in the field of automatic control and you have good grades in your master certificate please send your job application to Prof. Lohmann. He will contact you when suitable positions are available.