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Automatic Contol

Current advances in automatic control allow for the successful control of complex dynamical systems with the result that completely new products are developed. There are varying fields of application including mechatronic components and systems, almost all field of automotive technology, aerospace, production technology and engineering, devices for medical engineering and even non-technical applications.

Therefore, the methods of automatic control are designed to be used universally encompassing problems of modeling, analysis and the design of dynamical systems. Furthermore, concerning the application of control circuits by networked processors, problems of signal processing and information technology play a major part and are of particular interest to our practical courses. Being an interdisciplinary and system-oriented discipline, Automatic Control offers careers with a wide range of options in all the major industrial and commercial sectors.

The modul "Regelungstechnik" (Automatic Control) given during the basic studies is compulsory for the Bachelor degree course Mechanical Engineering and scheduled for the fourth semester. Afterwards, we recommend to choose the modul "Systemtheorie in der Mechatronik" (System Theory in Mechatronics) as Bachelor degree module and to participate in the practical course "Computergestützter Regelungsentwurf" (Computer-assisted Control Design).

With the beginning of the winter term 2023/2024, Dr. Kotyczka offers the modul "Systems Theory and Modeling" with lecture, exercise and revision exercise for the study programm "Aerospace".

Within the different courses, the Master degree courses are assigned to one of the three following areas which are core competencies (KK), core modules (SP) and interdisciplinary modules (SÜ). As far as the core competencies are concerned, a specific minimum quantity of credits is required and as for the other two areas, a specific maximum quantity of credits is optional. The survey below is to help students to choose the appropriate course concerning the modules provided by the Chair of Automatic Control.

Assignment of the individual subjects to the different Master degree courses

Model / course EuP EuK FuM LuR MuM Mw MuI Med Nuk PuL
Moderne Methoden 1
(Modern Methods 1)
Moderne Methoden 2
(Modern Methods 2)
Modeling and Reduction
of Complex Systems


 KK= Kernkompetenz des Studiengangs, SP= Schwerpunktmodul, SÜ= Studiengangsübergriefendes Modul

You choose one of 28 master degree courses available at the TUM School of Engineering and Design.

The Master degree courses "Mechatronics, Robotics and Biomechanical Engineering" as well as "Automotive Engineering" provide you with many Master degree modules in Automatic Control. However, you can find and choose the discipline Automatic Control not only in other Master degree courses offered by the TUM School of Engineering and Design, but also in some Master degree courses from other TUM Faculties and Schools.

A survey of the courses given by the Chair of Automatic Control