Numerical Acoustics in Python

Practical training (German), 4 SWH, Summer semester

Lecturer (assistant)
Language of instructionGerman
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In this laboratory, the students gain first impressions in programming numerical methods applied on acoustics. After a short introduction into the relevant numerical methods, the participants will implement numerical methods such as the discretization with the collocation method, numerical integrations of regular and singular integrals, the assembly and the solution of the underlying matrix system of equations. The implemented methods enable the students to solve and analyze sound radiation problems for interior and exterior domains. Prior to the lecture, references and literature for training purposes in Python and NumPy will be provided for the participants.

Course Objectives

A successful attendance to the module enables the students to...

  • … implement numerical methods to solve problems in acoustics 
  • … perform and discuss numerical simulations for acoustic analyses 
  • … assess the applications as well as limitations of numerical methods 
  • … write programs in Python in a scientific context

Organizational Matters

Course sessions:

  • Brief introduction into the relevant numerical methods
  • Introduction to the programming language Python
  • Self-reliant development of a simulation code to deal numerical problems applied on acoustics
  • Self-reliant completion of the tasks regarding the relevant methods under supervision of the lecturers


  • Self-implemented code which solves the tasks in the lecture makes up to 80 % of the exam
  • Another 20 % require the completion and documentation of a short programming task related to acoustic applications 


Recommended Previous Knowledge

  • Programming skills in Matlab or Python
  • Lecture: Finite elements
  • Lecture: Computational Acoustics

The above mentioned recommended previous knowledge is not obligatory to successfully complete this course. If you are indecisive about your participation in this course, please contact the responsible course assistant.

Consultation Hours

On demand.