Industrial applications of vibroacoustics

Supplementary Course (German), 2 SWH, summer semester

Lecturer (assistant)
Language of instructionGerman
DatesSee TUMonline


The course will be held as a lecture series with renowned representatives from the industry who will present real examples of vibroacoustic problems as they occur in the industry and discuss them. A list of lectures will be provided each year within the lecture descriptions.

Course Objectives

A successful attendance to the module enables the students to...

  • ... evaluate vibroacoustic problems in industrial practice
  • ... derive solutions in other disciplines in acoustics
  • ... simplify complex practical problems in acoustics using various methods of mechanics
  • ... understand and clearly state a variety of practical problems in vibroacoustics

Organizational Matters


  • Weekly regular class, 2 SWH duration
  • Presentation of methods of mechanics, acoustics, and other disciplines


  • Oral (20min) or written (60min) open-book exam (always decided in the respective semester)

Recommended Previous Knowledge

  • None.

Consultation Hours

On demand.

Further Information