Dr.-Ing. Johannes Henneberg

Industrial PhD

Vibroacoustic of local structured fiber-reinforced composites

In nature there are a lot of examples of locally structured materials like wood or bones. They reach high stiffness while having a small mass. This can be a role model for lightweight design. In this context fiber-reinforced composites offer a high potential for component design. Due to their possibility to locally adjust the fiber-reinforcement one can design composites with locally structured mechanical properties to influence the dynamic behavior and acoustics of components. Besides that, it is possible to add further functions to composites. Stop-band materials can cause a particular acoustical behavior within a certain frequency band by using resonant substructures.

In this research project, the design of locally structured composites will be studied and possibilities to use stop-band materials in vibroacoustic problems will be investigated. Therefore, FE models will be set up to be compared with experimental results.