Philipp Wagner, M.Sc.

Industrial PhD

3D Finite Element Simulation of seat vibration to improve the vibro-acoustic prognoses in early phase

The vehicle seat is one of the most sensitive interfaces between cars and people in terms of the customer's impression of quality. An insufficiently structurally dynamic overall seat significantly impairs seat vibration comfort or causes unwanted noise, which has a negative impact on customer perception. Predicting the dynamics of the complex seating system in the development process as precisely as possible is of great importance for achieving the objectives of components and the entire vehicle. By using finite element (FE) models, structural dynamic properties can be investigated in the early development phase and the findings obtained can be fed back into the development process. The aim of the work is to improve the predicting ability of FE seat simulations and to take existing uncertainties into account.

Research Topics

  • Dynamic Substructuring / Frequency-Based-Substructuring
  • Finite element simulation in structural dynamics
  • Contact modeling
  • Modal analysis


Project Partners

  • Technical University of Munich
  • BMW Group



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