Nonlinear Control

The module Nonlinear Control introduces to a selection of important techniques and methods for the state space description, stability analysis and model-based control design of nonlinear dynamical systems.

The module consists of a lecture and an exercise course. The optional revision exercise give you the opportunity to clarify open questions about the lecture content. In addition, they allow discussion of topics and advanced questions beyond the scope of the course.



1. State space representation and analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems: equilibria, Lyapunov methods for stability, passivity

2. An introduction to differential geometric concepts for nonlinear control systems that allows to qualify the global dynamic behavior of nonlinear state space models

3. Controllability analysis of nonlinear systems

4. Different nonlinear techniques for feedback and feedforward control design:

- Feedback linearization (Input-/Output, Input-/State)

- The flatness approach

- Backstepping

- Passivity-based control