Organization and Forms


The following workshops/schools are scheduled in the frame of the doctoral college:

Location/Event Organizer(s) Date
Frauenchiemsee, PHS 2022 Paul Kotyczka, Bernhard Maschke 20-25 March 2022
UBFC Besançon Yann Le Gorrec 7-9 November 2022
BU Wuppertal Birgit Jacob 28-30 March 2023
KIT Karlsruhe Sören Hohmann, Peter Betsch 11-13 October 2023
ISAE Toulouse Denis Matignon 25-27 March 2024
U Twente Hans Zwart, Felix Schwenninger 16-18 October 2024
Frauenchiemsee, PHS 2025 Paul Kotyczka, Bernhard Maschke 23-28 March 2025
U Groningen Jacquelien Scherpen Autumn 2025


Preparation of mobility

Find here the form that needs to be filled in if you prepare a stay at a lab in a partner country in the frame of the doctoral college. The form must be signed by you and the supervisor at the host institution and sent back as a pdf to