Doctoral Workshop at Besançon

SupMicroTech ENSMM/FEMTO-ST, Besançon, France

The second workshop of the doctoral college, organized by Yann Le Gorrec and his team took place from 7 to 9 November 2022 at SupMicroTech ENSMM/FEMTO-ST, Besançon, France. It gathered 38 participants, including 28 researchers from the doctoral college network (19 invited PhD students and 9 invited senior researchers) as well as 10 local participants from FEMTO-ST AS2M department and from the Master program GreeM (UBFC). The program (see below) included two main lectures given by senior researchers: "An overview on port Hamiltonian systems formulations" given by Prof. Bernhard Maschke (LAGEPP Lyon France) and "Taking advantage of multi physics couplings for vibroacoustic control" by Prof Morvan Ouisse (DMA FEMTO-ST France). 16 scientific talks were given by the PhD students and discussed in the plenum. The program also included two main social/cultural/group building activities: an indoor climbing session and a guided visit of Besançon and of the Citadelle (Unseco heritage)

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Time Sunday, 06/11/22 Monday, 07/11/22 Tuesday, 08/11/22 Wednesday, 09/11/22

Bernhard MASCHKE (U Lyon)
Welcome - Introduction to PHS

Structured discretization and simulation of a port-Hamiltonian phase-field model

Nelson CISNEROS (FEMTO-ST, Besançon)
Preliminary results of modeling and control of a complex HASEL actuator using the port-Hamiltonian approach


Arijit SARKAR (U Groningen)
Structure-preserving generalised balancing for nonlinear port-Hamiltonian systems

Tobias THOMA (TU Munich)
Port-Hamiltonian modeling and discretization of nonlinear mechanical systems

10:00-10:30   Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break

Markus LOHMAYER (U Erlangen)
Exergetic port-Hamiltonian systems

Maximilian MOGLER (U Grenoble)
Discrete-time observers for non-linear systems

Yannik WOTTE (U Twente)
Deep learning assisted control of a robotic bird


Mohammed YAGHI (U Lyon)
Port-Hamiltonian formulation of the solidification process for a pure substance: A phase field approach

A comparative study of reduced model based boundary control design for linear port Hamiltonian systems

Ningbo LI (U Groningen)
A port-Hamiltonian framework for consensus-based and rigid formation control


Jonas KIRCHHOFF (TU Ilmenau)
Genericity for port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems

Morvan OUISSE (Besançon)
Taking advantage of multiphysics couplings for vibroacoustic control

Najmeh JAVANMARDI (U Groningen)
Contraction-based trajectory tracking and scalable stability of networked mechanical systems

12:15-13:45   Lunch Lunch Lunch



Ning LIU (FEMTO-ST, Besançon)
Energy based modeling and control of dielectric elastomer actuators - A port-Hamiltonian approach

Lab visit  

Dorothea HINSEN (TU Berlin)
A port-Hamiltonian formulation for delayed differential algebraic systems


Alexander WIERZBA (U Twente)
On BIBO-stability of infinite-dimensional systems

Guided visit of the city center and the Citadelle (Unseco heritage)  
15:30-16:00   Coffee break  

Merlin SCHMITZ (U Wuppertal)
Operator splitting methods for semilinear problems and linear pH systems


Yongxin WU (FEMTO-ST, Besançon)
Reduced observer based boundary control for infinite dimensional port Hamiltonian systems

17:30-19:00 Arrival Social activity: Indoor climbing    
19:00 Dinner
(senior researchers)




Indoor climbing

City walk and Citadelle

Joint meals