Yuanyuan Liu, M.Sc.


Analyse und Anwendung der Akustischen Levitation

Acoustic levitation is expected to be an attractive noncontact transporting technology because of its near-frictionless operating and noncontact handling. The non-contact transportation system using near filed acoustic levitation has two main advantages. Firstly, any material can be manipulated. Secondly, the system is simple, compact, easy to manufacture and operate. Nevertheless, surface properties, like roughness, can influence the fluid flow around the part and slightly modify the acoustic field. Thus, undesired instability and rotations of the plane object will be occurred during the levitation process.

Since the trajectory control of floating object has been a big problem for the application of the acoustic levitation. Thus, study the mechanism of the acoustic levitation and build a close-loop transportation system are important. Based on this research, the trajectory of the floating object can be precisely controlled by a control algorithm. So that the floating object can be commanded wherever and whenever it was required to stop.

The major objective of this research is to enhance the physical understanding of the mechanism of acoustic levitation by build the acoustic levitation analytical model. And then, the trajectory control of the floating object will be studied. The China Scholarships Council (CSC) financially supports this PhD project.


  • Akustische Levitation
  • Gasfilm-Lagerung
  • Sturkturschwingung



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