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Stochastic nonlinear rotor dynamics considering the effect of hydrodynamic bearing

Rotor dynamics problem has drawn a wide attention due to the constant increasing application of rotating machine in industry. In analysis of rotor dynamics, some linear models are usually employed to study its qualitative analysis. However, to accurately predict its dynamics response, some nonlinear behaviors in rotating system cannot be ignored. For example, in the analysis of rotating systems supported by hydrodynamic bearings, the nonlinear characteristic of lubricant oil-film should be taken into consideration since it may cause the fluid-induced instabilities. In addition, there are some inherent uncertainties in rotor and bearing system which can affect their reliable operation.

In recent works, a rotor-bearing model is widely adopted to study their dynamics behavior, in which the rotor can be mathematically modeled by finite element method and the properties of oil film can be obtained by solving Reynold’s equation.

Overall, this research investigates the nonlinear rotor dynamics considering the effect of hydrodynamic bearing and uncertainties in the whole system. The China Scholarship Council (CSC) provides the support for this research.

Research Topics:

  • Nonlinear rotor dynamics
  • Uncertainty quantification



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