To allow for a large variety of investigations, the DrivAer body was developed as a modular concept with 18 different Mock Up configurations.

Different underbody configurations

Furthermore a configuration allowing engine bay flow has recently been added to allow even more close to reality test cases.

Parts included with the configuration with engine bay flow

To describe the different configurations of the DrivAer model a simple categorizing system has been derived.

First Letter: describes the geometry of the top

F     Fastback
E     Estate Back
N     Notchback

Second Group of Letters: describes the underbody geometry

D     Detailled Underbody
S     Smooth Underbody
EB   Engine Bay Flow

Third Group of Letters: describes the configuration of the mirrors

wM      with Mirrors
woM    without Mirrors

Fourth Group of Letters: describes the configuration of the wheels

wW      with Wheels
woW    without Wheels

Fifth Group of Letters: describes cooler configuration (optional for engine bay flow)

wL        with Leakage around the Cooler
woL       without Leakage around the Cooler

Accordingly the abbreviation E_S_woM_wW describes the estate back configuration with a smooth underbody, without mirrors and with wheels.

To encourage independent experimental and numerical studies, the CAD data of the DrivAer model is available on request. The data is provided either in .IGES or in .STEP format.

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