At the institute of aerodynmics there are coupled basic research and applied research consequently. Based on theoretical and methodical developments in the area of numerical and experimental fluid mechanics modern tools are at the disposal of the applied research, from aircraft- to automobil aerodynamics till micro- and nanofluidics. In near cooperation with national and international industry partner and research facilities university projects are elaborated in the first front of the industrial development.

Research focus

Numerical modeling and simulation

  • High-resolution nonlinear methods
  • Immersed-boundary methods
  • Level-Set methods
  • Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics
  • Adaptive multiresolution
  • Implicit turbulence modeling

Aerodynamics of Aircraft and Automobiles

  • Unsteady Aerodynamics
  • Innovative wing technologies
  • Flow control Flutter and buffet
  • DrivAer generic car body
  • Wheel and cooling flows
  • Aerodynamics and car dynamics

Complex Fluids

  • Interfacial phenomena and multi-phase flows
  • Flow cavitation and cavitation erosion
  • Micro- and Nanofluidics
  • Real-gas phenomena
  • Reacting flows

Turbulence and Transition

  • Large-Eddy simulation of complex flows
  • Shock-turbulence interaction
  • Hypersonic- and re-entry aerodynamics

Environmental Aerodynamics

  • Unsteady aerodynamic loads on structures
  • Scalar transport phenomena
  • Aerodynamics in sports and athletics