Overview of research projects

Section A: Structure cooling - Prof. Dr. Bernhard Weigand
Project Title Research area Principal investigator(s),
institute(s), location(s)
A1 Multiscale techniques for the simulation of coolant flow through porous media Numerical mathematics Dahmen / Müller, RWTH-IGPM
A2 Film cooling in rocket nozzles Fluid dynamics, gas dynamics Olivier, RWTH-SWL
A3 Heat transfer in pulsating flow and its impact on temperature distribution and damping performance of resonators Fluid dynamics,
conjugate heat transfer,
Polifke, TUM-TFD
A4 Numerical simulation of film cooling in
supersonic flow
Fluid dynamics, supersonic flow,
boundary layers and heat transfer
Kloker, US-IAG
A5 Innovative cooling of rocket combustion chambers Thermodynamics, cooling, structural
Böhrk, DLR-BT ,
von Wolfersdorf,
Section B: Heckströmungen - Prof. Dr. Rolf Radespiel
Project Title Research area Principal investigator(s),
institute(s), location(s)
B1 Experimental analysis of the interaction phenomena between hot nozzle flow and transonic external flow Aerothermodynamics, gas dynamics, flow control Gülhan, DLR-IAS
B3 Numerical analysis of controlled turbulent wake flow Computational fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering Schröder, Meinke,
B4 Experimental method for the characterization of base flows with propulsive jet Aerodynamics, measurement technology Radespiel / Scholz, TUBS-ISM
B5 Numerical characterization of hot nozzle wall impact on launch vehicle base flows Computational fluid dynamics,
Eggers / Hannemann, K. /Hannemann, V., DLR-IAS
B6 Characterization and control of the interaction between the afterbody flow and a 2D generic dual bell nozzle in both partial and full blowing conditions Fluid mechanics Kähler, UBWM-ISA
Section C: Brennkammer - Prof. Dr. Thomas Sattelmayer
Project Title Research area Principal investigator(s),
institute(s), location(s)
C1 Modelling injection, mixing and combustion in rocket engines under real-gas conditions Computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, combustion Stemmer, TUM-AER / Pfitzner, UBWM-ITD
C3 Thermofluiddynamic instabilities in rocket engines Combustion instabilities, thermodynamics, acoustics Sattelmayer, TUM-TD
C4 Experimental and numerical investigations of phase transitions processes in the transcritical region Aerospace engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, numerics Weigand / Lamanna, US-ITLR / Munz, US-IAG
C6 Modelling of heat transfer in combustion-chamber boundary layers Computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer, combustion Pfitzner, UBWM-ITD / Stemmer, TUM-AER
C7 Interaction of acoustics and combustion in rocket combustion chambers Combustion instabilities,
liquid propellant rocket engine, acoustic resonance,
Oschwald, DLR-IRA
Section D: Schubdüse - Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schröder
Project Title Research area Principal investigator(s),
institute(s), location(s)
D2 Mechanical integrity of thermal barrier coatings – coating development and micromechanics Thermodynamics, materials engineering Rösler, Bäker,
D3 Lifetime prediction of nozzle structures under streaming conditions Solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, fluidstructure interaction, finite element modeling Reese, RWTH-IFAM / Haupt, TUBS-IFL
D4 Thermal fluid-structure interaction in nozzle cooling channels Fluid-structure interaction,
computational fluid dynamics
Adams, TUM-AER
D6 Experimental investigations on fluidstructure
interaction using generic configurations
fluid-structure interaction
Gülhan / Esser, DLR-IAS
D9 Experimental investigations for life time
Fluid dynamics,
structural mechanics
Haupt, TUBS-IFL / Haidn, TUM-LFA
D10 Simulation technologies for thermal buckling in aerothermodynamically loaded thin-walled structures Solid mechanics, fluid structure interaction, finite element modeling Reese,
Section K: Schubkammer - Prof. Dr. Oskar Haidn
Project Title Research area Principal investigator(s),
institute(s), location(s)
C5 Sub- and supercritical simulation of rocket combustors with assumed and transported pdf methods Numerical combustion simulation Gerlinger, US-IVLR
K1 Experimental and numerical investigation of combustion and heat transfer in thrust chambers Thermofluidmechanics,
experimental combustion, combustion modeling
 Haidn, TUM-RFA
K2 Experimental and numerical investigation of dual bell nozzle flow under realistic flight conditions Fluid dynamics, nozzle flow Génin / Stark, DLR-IRA
K4 Definition and evaluation of advanced rocket thrust chamber demonstrator concepts Numerical simulation of rocket thrust chamber flows, heat transfer,
cooling, layout of advanced concepts and demonstrators
Knab, Riedmann, ArianeGroup
Section Z: Zentrale Aufgaben
Project Title Research area Principal investigator(s),
institute(s), location(s)
Z Central tasks Central tasks Adams, TUM-AER