KONWIHR funds 2 new projects at TUM - both at AER

The Competence Network for Scientific High Performance Computing in Bavaria (KONWIHR) is providing technical support for the use of high performance computers and aims to expand their deployment potential through research and development projects.

Within the 2022/1 application round a total of 7 research projects with a total funding volume of 190,000 € have been approved within the KONWIHR framework. Two projects at TUM have successfully applied, we are pleased to announce, that both projects are conducted at the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics:

ALPACA in Florence – first steps towards the Ponte Vecchio - Porting ALPACA to Intel’s upcoming GPU architecture Ponte Vecchio (Prof. Adams): https://www.konwihr.de/konwihr-projects/alpaca-in-florence-first-steps-towards-the-ponte-vecchio-porting-alpaca-to-intels-upcoming-gpu-architecture-ponte-vecchio/

Improving FAIRness of HPC research data (Prof. Stemmer): https://www.konwihr.de/konwihr-projects/improving-fairness-of-hpc-research-data/