Mid-term Project Presentations in the SFBTRR40 Summer Program 2019

Friday, August 9th 2019, 1pm in the IAS Auditorium


1:00pm-2:00pm Plenary talk by Javier Jimenez

Computers and Turbulence

Distinguished Res. Professor of Fluid Mechanics.

E.T.S.I. Aeronauticos, UPM, Madrid, Spain

2:00-2:20 Control of compressible shear-layer development downstream of a backward-facing step by nanosecond-pulsed plasma actuators

Zhenli Chen, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China;

Nikolaus Adams, TU Munich

2:20-2:40 Coolant-gas eects in transpiration-cooled walls

Nicholas Christopher, Khaled Younes, Jean-Pierre Hickey, University of Waterloo, Canada; Johannes Peter, Markus Kloker, Uni Stuttgart, Germany

2:40-3:00 Analysis of Subgrid-Scale Closure Models for LES of Supercriti- cal Combustion of LOX-GCH4

Wai Tong Chung, Matthias Ihme, Stanford University, USA; Michael Ptzner, UniBw Munchen; Oskar Haidn, Nikolaus Adams, Christian Stemmer, TU Munich

3:00-3:20 Turbulent heat ux model for shock-boundary layer interaction with non-adiabatic wall

Subhajit Roy, Krishnendu Sinha, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India; Sebastian Karl, Alexander Wagner, DLR Gottingen; Christian Stemmer, TU Munich, Germany

3:20-3:45 coee break

Combustion workshop

3:45-4:05 RANS modelling of a 7-injector GOX/GCH4 combustion cham- ber with coupling wall function

Jianfei Wei, Silong Zhang, Mai Ye, Harbin Insitute of Technology, China; Oskar Haidn, TU Munich

4:05-4:25 Numerical prediction of wall heat transfers using analytical redu- ced chemistry in a single-injector LOX/GCH4 combustion chamber

Simon Blanchard, Benedicte Cuenot, CERFACS, Toulouse, France; Oskar Haidn, TU Munich

4:25-4:45 Combustion Modeling Study for GCH4/LOX and GCH4/GOX Single Element Combustion Chambers

Daiki Muto, Yu Daimon, Takanori Haga, Taro Shimizu, Hideyo Negishi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Oskar Haidn, TU Munich, Germany

4:45-5:05 Simulation of the GOX-GCH4 multi-element combustor and stu- dy of the turbulent diffusion coeffcients influence

Evgenij Strokach, Igor Borovik, MAI, Moscow, Russia; Oskar Haidn, TU Munich, Germany

5:05-5:45 Dierent Simulative Approaches to GCH4-GOX Combustion and reaction parameter adjustments

Andrej Sternin, Hao Ma, Jianing Liu, Oskar Haidn, TU Munchen; Martin Tajmar, TU Dresden

5:45-6:00 Preliminary results for LOX/CH4 combustor with optical access

Christoph Setae, Oskar Haidn, TU Munich