Obtaining a Letter of Recommendation


Conditions for Obtaining a Letter of Recommendation (or similar) from Prof. Gee

Many students need a letter of recommendation from a university advisor for various purposes such as e.g.

  • application for a Master program
  • application for a stipend of some kind from some institution
  • membership in an institution such as Max Weber program or Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, etc.

I am doing VERY MANY of these recommendation letters per year but now have to cut down on the number. You may obtain such a recommendation if and only if you meet the following requirements and follow the procedure given below.


  • You are actively enrolled as a student at TUM


  • You have worked or are currently working with my group in some sense, that is, as a Hiwi, Tutor, have done or are currently doing a research internship, Bachelor or Master thesis with my group or are in my Max Weber Mentee group. Attending or having attended any of our courses is not sufficient.
  • Your current grade average from TUMonline is significantly better than average in your study program (rule of thumb: <= 2.1)
  • Note that I never propose sombody for membership in Max Weber program or Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. TUM has a centrally organized fair process for this, with which I do not interfere. If you have been proposed by TUM (written proof required), I can supply one of the required additional letters of recommendation.


  • All correspondence must come from a TUM email account. Everything else will be disregarded
  • Send ONE email requesting a letter of recommendation to this address and directly include
    • what the recommendation is supposed to be for
    • a short CV
    • a current status report from TUMonline. If you are in a Master program, also include your Bachelor certificate
    • if available, a ranking from within your study program
    • if applicable, the recommendation form of the institution you are applying to
    • if applicable, address or email address or upload link the letter of recommendation is to be send to
    • For security reasons, send pdf only.
  • Acknowledge that the maximum is ONE letter of recommendation per person. I am unable to supply multiple letters for e.g. applications to various Master programs
  • Acknowledge that your request still might be turned down due to reasons unrelated to your request, e.g. due to work overload
  • Allow sufficient time. There is no guarantee I will be able to do a letter within a few days or one week
  • Acknowledge that you will never get to see the letter (closed envelope). It will be either directly send to the institution or you will receive a closed and sealed envelope to pass on.
  • You will receive a confirmation email in response to your request
  • You will receive a notification email once your letter is ready either for pickup or has been sent to the institution