Mechanics & High Performance Computing Group


Our joint invited review article with international partners from France and the US on computational modeling of endovascular aneurym repair (EVAR) has appeared:

Avril, S., Gee, M. W., Hemmler, A., Rugonyi, S.: Patient-specific computational modeling of endovascular aneurysm repair: State of the art and future directions. Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering 37 (12), 2021.


Dr.-Ing. André Hemmler wins the

Arburg Prize for best PhD thesis in the field of medical technology  at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, TUM

 PhD Thesis.



Dr.-Ing. André Hemmler wins the

Klee-Preis 2021 of Deutsch Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik (VDE DGBMT) and Stiftung Familie Klee

for his  PhD Thesis.



The contribution

Hemmler, A., Reeps, C., Lutz, B., Gee, M. W.: Der digitale Zwilling in der endovaskulären Versorgung. Gefässchirurgie 24 (7), 2019, 548-556, DOI by Dr.-Ing. André Hemmler wins the

Julius Springer Award for Vascular Medicine 2020

of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gefäßmedizin und Gefäßchirurgie (DGG)!
For press release see here

First time ever this award is given to an Engineer!



The contribution

Hemmler, A., Lutz, B., Reeps, C., Gee, M.W.: In silico study of vessel and stent‐graft parameters on the potential success of endovascular aneurysm repair. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering 35 (11), 2019

was invited to publish a cover image for the journal issue.


Moritz Thon delivered his award plenary lecture at the Annual Conference of the Society of Mathematical Biology in Montréal, Canada.

His contribution as main author

Thon, M.P., Ford, H.Z., Gee, M.W., Myerscough, M.R. (2018) A Quantitative Model of Early Atherosclerotic Plaques Parameterized Using In Vitro Experiments, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 80, 175-214, DOI

won the 2018 Lee A. Segel Prize for "best original research paper in 2 years published in Bulletin of Mathematical Biology"



Felix Bott wins Top Teaching Trophy 2018/19 of the Munich School of Engineering for his exercises in Engineering Mechanics I in WS18/19

Michael W. Gee wins Top Teaching Trophy 2018/19 of the Munich School of Engineering for his lecture in Engineering Mechanics I in WS18/19 (sixth time in a row!)

First time Engineering Mechanics I wins both prizes in the respective categories!