Chemical: Chemically-Reacting Flows


Volker Gravemeier, Florian Henke and Andreas Ehrl
This application is particularly supported by the Emmy Noether Research Group.

Examples for chemically-reacting flows are combustion, catalysis, chemical vapor deposition, and various other chemical processes, with combustion probably being the most prominent application. We developed computational methods based on multiscale and stabilized methods which are capable of computing all regimes of chemically-reacting flows, from laminar via transitional to the particularly challenging turbulent flow regime, as well as the transport equations for the respective scalar values (e.g., species, reaction progress variable, G-function, and ion concentrations).

Our main applications of these methods are combustion, on the one hand, and various electrochemical flows, where reactions usually occur in the vicinity of electrodes, on the other hand, such as the ones appearing in


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