TUM Department of Engineering Physics and Computation

At the Department Engineering Physics and Computation we work on engineering problems whose treatment requires a detailed analysis of the underlying physical phenomena.

Degree Programs

All information on the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Mechanical Engineering as well as on the other diverse study programs in the natural and engineering sciences at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. to the study programs.  more about Degree Programs

Research and Innovation

Our department is engaged in fundamental research of physical phenomena. Based on this, we formulate conceptual or mathematical models in order to solve them with numerical methods. more about Research and Innovation


Whether aerodynamics, acoustics of mobile systems or thermofluid dynamics - in the Department of Engineering Physics and Computation 11 professorships and chairs deal with the most diverse research topics. more about the Professorships

Networks & Initiatives

In order to make research as interdisciplinary as possible, the professorships of the Department EPC are active in various networks and initiatives. more about Networks & Initiatives

Software Releases

Within the research activities of the department, the scientific staff develops software that is made available to the public via open source. more later


The research findings from the department's fields are published by the scientists at conferences and journals. to the Publications