Incompressible Flows


Niklas Fehn, and Martin Kronbichler

For many flow problems in engineering, the flow is assumed incompressible. Hence, accurate and efficient numerical discretization schemes for the simulation of incompressible flows are a fundamental component in CFD.

Various methods exist for the simulation of incompressible flows such as finite difference methods, finite volume methods, and finite element methods. Our research efforts for the simulation of incompressible flows are dedicated to method developments in the following fields:

These methods are used in a number of application settings, which include

Example - Incompressible Flow through TUM logo

As an example, the above video shows a simulation of the flow through the TUM logo computed with a high-order discontinuous Galerkin method. The fluid flows through the domain from the top left to the bottom right at a Reynolds number of 1000 where the vorticity magnitude is visualized (blue indicates low values and red high values).