Welcome to the Institute of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics stems from the Greek words therme (heat) and dynamics (power), i.e., early efforts to convert heat into power, and is nowadays the governing law for energy conversion, storage, transportation and beyond. It is an integral part of power engineering, aerospace engineering, propulsion and automotive engineering, as well as of industrial process technologies. In the truest sense of the word interdisciplinary, thermodynamics provides engineering fundamentals and methods of analysis and prediction of energy and materials conversion across different scales, crucial to the designing and optimizing of our ecological and economic sustainable systems.

Research at the Institute of Thermodynamics focuses on the fundamental understanding of flow, heat and chemical reactions across different materials scales with applications in energy, aerospace, process engineering and beyond. Cross-disciplinary research is the heart of the Institute. With great historical accumulation, and state-of-art computational and experimental facilities, the Institute offers great opportunities to ambitious students who are interested in pursuing cutting-edge research in multiphase flow and heat transfer, combustion and reaction kinetics, solar energy technologies, and multiscale modeling and simulation, as well as micro-nanoscale design and engineering.

Teaching at the Institute of Thermodynamics includes Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Combustion and Renewable Systems, ranging from the introduction to the basic principles during fundamental training as an engineer to specialist lectures during the master’s course. We also offer sophisticated semester projects and final theses, where interested students can learn how to contribute to leading research work under supervision, as well as periods of practical work for small groups in preparation for working in industry.

Welcome to the Institute of Thermodynamics!