Research Philosophy

Our research guideline is the supposition that scientific research in a school of advanced engineering education should be focused on problems with high technological relevance. A key to realising our mission is the close cooperation with industry in general and in particular with partners who – whilst developing their high class global products to the leading edge of technology – have encountered barriers that can only be overcome by fundamental research. Over and above this with our research results we try to contribute to solutions to the major issues of the future such as being able to guarantee a sustainable energy and water supply.

When developing topics for research, proposing projects and executing research in different contexts we always depend on our basic skills in the areas of

  • Thermodynamics,
  • Fluiddynamics,
  • Heat & Mass Transfer,
  •  Reaction Kinetics,
  • Acoustics and Control Theory. 

Based on a long term strategy we are continually improving our ‘tool box’ by filing for funding and executing projects based on fundamental research and then applying the information gained on the new tools in technologically relevant research work.

·       Thermodynamics;

·       Fluiddynamics,

·       Heat & Mass Transfer,

·       Reaction Kinetics,

·       Acoustics and Control Theory.