Biomedical: Cardiovascular System


Owing to the increasing age of society, cardiovascular diseases are on the rise. Besides atherosclerosis in general, the most frequently occuring representatives of such diseases are carotid stenosis or the abdominal aortic aneurysm. Their diagnoses are actually easy and cheap, but nevertheless, even after a successful diagnosis, the individual patient's risk of experiencing a fatal incidence is comparably low. On the other hand, the surgical treatments are often costly and sometimes more dangerous for the patient than the disease itself. Nevertheless, reliable risk assessments for clinical decision making is still missing.

In all the following projects, the TUM Institute for Computational Mechanics works closely together with the medical partners from different university hospitals in Munich and Tübingen. Together, we combine the physicians' experience with our engineering methods to meet the needs of nowadays medicine: To improve and individualize the clinical decision making for every patient, to optimize surgery procedures and to better understand the ongoing processes in cardiovascular diseases.

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