Mostafa Faraji, M.Sc.


Research Interests

Supervised Student Projects

  • Thomas Riedel, Towards Lubrication Modeling of Soft Contact-Lens, Term Paper, in progress
  • Fazil Necioglu, Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Pressure-dependent Viscosity on Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication, Bachelor Thesis, 2019

International Conference Contributions

  • M. Faraji, A. Seitz, W. A. Wall : Computational modeling of Elasto-Hydrodynamically lubricated soft contacts based on a monolithic formulation using regularized frictional contact conditions, VI International Conference on Computational Contact Mechanics (ICCCM), Leibniz University Hannover, Hannover, Germany, July 3-5, 2019.

Attendence at International Workshops

  • December 2020, Advanced Webinar on "Advanced Topics in Computational Mechanics", International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Udine, Italy (Online)
  • July 2020, LxMLS 2020 | The 10th Lisbon Machine Learning School, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal (Online)
  • July 2019, International Summer School on "State of the art computational methods for nonlinear solid mechanics", European Joint Doctorate Program SEED - Universita Di Pavia, Pavia, Italy
  • September 2018, International Summer School on "Advanced Numerical Methods", European Joint Doctorate Program SEED - Universita Di Pavia, Pavia, Italy

International Mobility

Education & Research

  • since 2017, Research Associate at the Institute for Computational Mechanics (Lehrstuhl für Numerische Mechanik), TUM, Germany
  • 2017, Joint European Master in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces (Mechanical Engineering - Tribology), Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
  • 2015, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
  • 2012, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

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