Transport Phenomena


Andreas Ehrl and Volker Gravemeier

The modeling of many physical processes includes transport phenomena, such as mass and heat transfer. The corresponding governing equations are often either one-way coupled to a flow field via a convection term or, when the transported physical quantity also influences the flow, even two-way coupled. Our computational approaches for solving the (coupled) transport equations are based on multiscale and stabilized finite element methods.

Examples for transport phenomena are:

  • general transport of any scalar physical quantity
  • heat tranfer in solids and fluids
  • mass transport in solids and fluids
    • nano-particle transport in the human lung
    • gas exchange processes in the human lung
    • chemical species transport in biofilms
  • multi-ion transport in electrochemical systems
  • level-set equation

Transport phenomena are currently addressed in several of our applications such as:


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