About us

The Department of Engineering Physics and Computation teaches and conducts research on the fundamental physical phenomena that play an important role in many engineering disciplines. As an interdisciplinary research area, fundamental research is conducted using numerical mathematics or simulation techniques. Through this technological progress, the department aims to enable people worldwide to live safer, longer and healthier lives.

Key topics at the Department of Engineering Physics and Computation

"Our department should not be associated with any particular branch or field of Technology. It's a cross-disciplinary field of research. It's about description on the fundamentals level with the support of modern numerical mathematics and numerical simulation technology of physical phenomena that play important roles in many engineering disciplines." Department Head Professor Wolfgang Polifke about the Department of Engineering Physics and Computation, which is part of the TUM School of Engineering and Design at the Technical University of Munich.

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Professional representatives close to the Department of Engineering Physics and Computation endow annual awards to encourage the next generation of scientists and to recognize achievement for excellent doctoral and master's theses. They are awarded during the Day of Engineering and Design. to the awardees from 2022