Relocation of the research group of Prof. Dr.-Ing Agnes Jocher to Garching

Last week the research group of Prof. Dr.-Ing Agnes Jocher moved to the premises of the Thermodynamics Institute.


Based on the current research activities of the Chair of Thermodynamics, Agnes Jocher

will further develop the combustion research at TUM through new third party funded projects. Two focal points are the use of alternative fuels in thermal engines and the safety issues associated with the use of these alternative fuels. The first specific additional projects are expected to deal with soot formation of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and with the combustion stability of hydrogen in aircraft engine combustors. Agnes Jocher has access to the numerous combustion laboratories of the Thermodynamics Institute and the available measurement equipment.

The staff of the Chair of Thermodynamics wishes Agnes Jocher much success in her combustion research and a fast development of her scientific career.