Komeilizadeh, Koushyar; M.Sc.

Komeilizadeh, Koushyar; M.Sc.

Contact: email@domain.dm
Role: Doktorand/Externer Doktorand
Company: Unternehmens Name
Activity Period: 1014 - 2022
Research Project: Name of the project/link to webpage
Dissertation: Name of the dissertation/Link to dissertation on TUMmedia


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  • Komeilizadeh, Koushyar; Kaps, Arne; Duddeck, Fabian: Isovolumetric adaptations to space-filling design of experiments. Optimization and Engineering 24 (2), 2022, 1267-1288 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )


  • Kaps, Arne; Komeilizadeh, Koushyar; Duddeck, Fabian: An Iso-volumetric Weighting Approach to Increase Efficiency of Stratified Samplings. 14th World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 2021 more… BibTeX


  • Czech, Catharina; Zidan, Mahmoud; Komeilizadeh, Koushyar; Duddeck, Fabian: Intrusive and non-intrusive approaches for data-driven modelling for impact and crash. 14th World Congress on Compuataional Mechanics, ECCOMAS Congress 2020, 2020Paris, France more… BibTeX


  • Komeilizadeh, Koushyar; Hefele, Rafael; Duddeck, Fabian: A Multi-fidelity Approach Using Physical and Mathematical Surrogates for Crash Optimization. PAMM 18 (1), 2018, e201800287 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )