Sourav Chandra, M.Eng.

DAAD Promotionsstipendiat

Stochastische Dynamikanalyse einer Composite-Struktur unter Wärmeeinfluss

Application of the light-weight composite structure is nowadays increasing as a principal structural component in the aerospace and automobile industries. Due to some specific advantages like, high strength-to-weight ratio, better fatigue performance, and thermal stability, composite structures are used to manufacture some critical component of the structure, and are sometimes exposed to thermal environment. Generally, composite plate is lightly damped structure; however, damping increases with the increment of the temperature. Moreover, elastic and damping properties of the composite plate are temperature dependent and are significantly uncertain quantity.

The stochastic dynamic behavior of the composite plate in the uncertain thermal environment mathematically presented by stochastic finite element (FE) formulation. A viscoelastic damping model implements to evaluate the damping behavior of the composite structure in a thermal environment. This formulation extends to evaluate the stochastic damped dynamic response in uncertain thermal environment.

Hence, this research investigates the performance of the damping to mitigate the vibration to composite structure in the thermal environment, and corresponding stochastic dynamic behavior in uncertain thermal environment. The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) financially supports this PhD project.


  • Finite-Elemente-Analyse von Composite-Strukturen
  • Unsicherheitsquantifizierung
  • Bayesische Inferenzmethode



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