Nishant Singh Choudhary, M.Tech.

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Blast Response Analysis of Structures and its Mitigation using Innovative Sacrificial System

With the invention of gunpowder as fireworks in the late 9th Century, to the use of nuclear arsenal in the 19th century, humans have evolved with greater peace in the last decade than in the rest of the known history of humanity. We have created a lot of destructive weapons, which are used by military forces around the globe. Further nonmilitary or non-governmental organizations also use the same to spread fear among the citizens termed as terrorism. From London bombing (2005) to Crimea bridge explosion (2021) and many bomb blasts in south Asian countries are the examples of these activities. According the National Consortium for the study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), explosives have been the major sources of attacks in the past four decades. These unwanted activities have necessitated the detailed study of blast protective structures for civil safety.


  • Blast Analysis
  • High Strain Rate
  • Dynamic Loading
  • Sacrificial System
  • Protective Structure