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Teaching Tasks

Student Projects

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Art Title Status / finished at
S Game-Theoretic Trajectory Planning in Interactive Racing Scenarios Using Numerical Optimization 01.12.23
S Iterative LQR for Game Theoretic Trajectory Planning in Interactive Racing Scenarios 15.11.23
M Design and Evaluation of Cost Functions for Local Trajectory Planning in Autonomous Multi-Vehicle Racing Scenarios 15.06.23
S Local Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Race Cars in Multi-Vehicle Scenarios Using Numerical Optimization 15.06.23
S Online Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Race Cars 01.10.22
M Efficient Search in a Spatio-Temporal Graph for Trajectory Planning of an Autonomous Racing Vehicle 21.12.21
M Strategical Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Racing Vehicles with Dynamic Programming 16.06.21
S Effiziente Kollisonsüberprüfung für Trajektorienplanung bei Hohen Geschwindigkeiten 15.05.21
IDP Code Optimization of a Graph-based Trajectory Planner for High Speed Autonomous Racing 08.05.21
S Heuristics to Reduce the Temporal Search Space of a Graph-Based Local Trajectory Planner for Autonomous Racing 19.04.21
B Simulation of traffic participants for developing interaction-aware planning algorithms for autonomous vehicles 01.10.20
M Design of an interaction-aware motion planner for autonomous vehicles with game theoretical approaches and methods from optimal control 05.05.20
S Interaktive Verkehrssimulation und Schätzung von Spurwechselintentionen anhand eines mikroskopischen Spurwechselmodells 16.04.20
IDP Game Theoretical Approaches with Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees for Nonholonomic Dynamic Systems 09.04.20


Curriculum Vitae

Since April 2019: PhD Assistant at the Institute of Automatic Control

2019:                  M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering

2016:                  B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering