TUM Phoenix Robotics

What is TUM Phoenix Robotics?

TUM Phoenix Robotics is the first independent student group to explore the fascinating possibilities of robotics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Munich.

Who has not asked themself in a lecture: How would this control system be realized in real life? Do you really need the methods of product development? The answers to these and similar questions can best be obtained by actively participating in a project such as ours. The focus of Phoenix Robotics is not only set on gaining technical knowledge, but also on learning professional working methods in an interdisciplinary team.

Who are we?

We are a self-organized group of students whose members work on their projects in their free time, e.g. between lectures or on weekends. Our international team consists of university students from various fields of study, all of whom are drawn together by a common goal: to create awesome robots!

What do we do?

At Phoenix Robotics, we put our hearts and souls into transforming our ideas from mere concepts into fully functional robot vehicles. This gives us students the opportunity to put our theoretical knowledge from our studies to the test, thereby gaining valuable practical experience. Our projects combine the know-how of all our team members from fields such as control engineering, control systems, mechanics, propulsion systems, system programming, embedded systems, computer vision, machine learning, electronics, product development, project organization and much more.

What are our projects?

We are currently working on two main projects: