Phoenix Robotics depends on donations for large parts of its budget. Our only other sources of income are prize money, which is not something to rely on, and reimbursement payments from the TUM for travelling and hardware expenses to a certain degree.

If you also wish to support our project, thereby giving the next generation of engineers a better environment to practice their skills, there are many easy ways of doing so:

1. Financial Donations

We have a great number of uses for traditional financial donations - from printing posters to attract new members to financing teambuilding events and hackathons. The organisation you can transfer you donation to is called the Phoenix Robotics e.V. (e.V., "eingetragener Verein", is the official term used for a registered association in the Federal Republic of Germany).

IBAN: DE44 7025 0150 0028 8553 02


The Phoenix Robotics e.V. is charitable, non-profit organisation. We will gladly provide you with a donation receipt!

If your are donating to our organisation and would like to receive a donation receipt, simply contact the following e-mail address:

kontakt (at)

2. Donations in Kind

We are always happy to receive donations in kind! If you are interested, simply contact us via e-mail using the following address:

kontakt (at)

We will come back to you as soon as possible.

3. Amazon Smile: A free donation method for everyone!

The Phoenix Robotics e.V. (e.V., "eingetragener Verein", is the official term used for a registered association in the Federal Republic of Germany) has been registered as a non-profit organzisation for Amazon's Smile program. Clicking on this Link will lead you straight to our association's AmazonSmile account. Every purchase via leads to the Phoenix Robotics e.V. receiving a donation from Amazon worth 0.5% of your purchase, without you having pay a single additional cent! Amazon pays for the entire donation. Please remember to use the website every single time you login to Amazon. If you use other websites, such as, we do not receive any donation from Amazon for your purchase. We do not see who the donation comes from nor what articles were bought. All we receive is the donation money from Amazon. Thank you very much for your support!

4. Sponsorships

Click here for further information!